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Reading: Laryngeal paraganglioma


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Laryngeal paraganglioma


A. Balasubramaniam ,

Teaching Hospital, Jaffna, LK
About A.
Senior Registrar , ENT Surgery
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B. Thirumaran

Teaching Hospital, Jaffna, LK
About B.
Consultant Ent Surgeon
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Paragangliomas of the head and neck are rare especially in larynx. A 36 year old female patient presented with a history of progressive voice change and difficulty of swallowing for 6 months. During endoscopic examinationsmooth surfaced mass on Left supraglottic region, was noted. Tumour was excised through transcervical excision.  Histology and immunohistochemistry of the tumour revealed that, it was paraganglioma.
How to Cite: Balasubramaniam, A. and Thirumaran, B., 2022. Laryngeal paraganglioma. Ceylon Journal of Otolaryngology, 11(1), pp.55–57. DOI:
Published on 26 Feb 2022.
Peer Reviewed


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